MONDAY MAY 25, 2020~ Memorial Day

‘I’m Not Bob’….

Welcome to my first blog..we are somewhere between 70-75 days into a worldwide pandemic outbreak of a brand new virus called Covid-19; a Corona virus that has literally (and for once literally is literally though it is really still figuratively, which is really what everybody means when they say that) brought the world to a stand still.

I’ve been home since mid March, and I’ve reached the point where I just need to write about some of this crazy shit. I’m about to start a memoir too, but this is a companion piece if you will..a running account of what life is like inside the bubble of hell. I’ll write and post random thoughts here and maybe that will keep the wheels…sane.

So I’ve been re watching the Scorsese doc ‘No Direction Home’ about a newly 79 year old Bob Dylan…it came out 15 years ago and I got it and watched it then on dvd but now I have to rely on dvr heh heh and it was on and I watched or am watching…pretty amazing footage there…when he came on the scene he latched onto racial injustice and the threat of war..he says in the film that he doesn’t think caring for those who are suffering or afflicted is political…and it isn’t, but inevitably one gets all politics involved…so during the time he is protesting all that it blew my mind this is when Kennedy was maybe he should have been saying how great America was…or when was that that we were great…it MUST’VE  been with president Hollywood…no no that president Hollywood…I mean the handsome one…anyway, Dylan has (wait for it) a brand new record coming out in a few weeks…so maybe NOW is the tmie to protest…ha ha…we know what kind of protest singer Bobby is…he protests…our being…we are all such idiots,…and he knows it..and he’s been saying it all along…good on ya mate….no he doesn’t protest he just comments…he a comment singer,,right?

But here’s the thing about Bob….he just kept writing…as he doubt..because as he says in the film…he just believed in what he was doing and he knew he tapped into the secret…no one else was doing it.  doing what…doing what he did..and ha ha everyone was…Dave van Ronk was doing were the Isleys…so was Smokey…but boy is it hard! I’ve been trying to do it for over 30 years…and now here I am…I’ve always latched onto the next record or gig or song or rehearsal like the proverbial carrot in front of my Townshend like now…time to rethink…Pete is 75 by the way and he’s doing it too…but no one does it like Bob…

FRIDAY MAY 29, 2020

“What Can A Poor Boy Do’?

I witnessed a murder yesterday..on TV…I had known there was video circulating on Social Media of the cop killing George Floyd and I chose to avoid it…but then when I exited out of the program I was watching on TV yesterday there it as on the news..I saw the scene..I turned it off, but not before I heard the scream.

That scream changed my life.

I must do something. I can’t just sit here and just keep reading articles and liking posts..I have to help..I have to get out there…

There are problems..this virus is only 3 song into the first set..the back row is just getting seated..we’re in for a long show..closer to home my music career is on life support too…maybe I can go back to work at the store selling guitars but even that is dangerous now and ain’t no tellin’ when I will play a gig or even play with other people..or make another what to do…

Starting in June I’ll be live streaming once a week. Every Sunday I’ll be playing for about a half hour and will raise money for different causes. I’m gonna call it the 213 project..I’ll play every Sunday at 2:13. At the end of the month I’ll contribute $213 of my own so at least they get that. I’m starting with the MN Freedom Fund….

See you on 6/7 2:13…don’t be late


“Dear Mom”

Dear Mom,

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 25 years since you left this earth…I’ll never forget that day..I bet you haven’t either…it was a Tuesday, and the night before was the last time I saw you. I knew you were going that day…they told me..did you know all 3 of your sons called Pop within minutes of each other? Of course you did—yeah, there are some magical things and you wasted no time giving us some right away. Thank you for that…I finished the song you started for the that play ‘Like it or Not’…but you know that too…

So what point in catching you up? Well, indulge me…I did indeed move to Boston, and I made a really nice little life here..I work in a music store and I teach ukulele and I’m married and I perform live and I’ve made 5 records in the last 20 years…a nice little life

Well, that is until this year..a lot of changes have happened…hmmm, how best to describe it…ok, so remember the Spanish Flu Pandemic that happened the year after Pop was born? And the Great Depression that happened the year after you were born? And the race riots that took place the year after I was born? Well, use the Cuisinart Food Processor you got the year after your grandson Jonathan was born and mix all that together…yeah, it’s not pretty, and I’m hoping Pop’s hearing is still shitty so he doesn’t get wind of any of this revived fascism …

But I’m doing ok…I started a live stream because I can’t play live at the moment..I’m raising money for other people now and other causes so please help me out as go forward because I’ll need it….but yeah, we’re all still here and thinking of you today.

Oh, and thanks for helping us all reunite last year! We won’t be able to do anything like that for quite awhile, so you really came through for your family once again!

Rest in peace and love,


FRIDAY JUNE 26, 2020

“Staying Alive”

Ha! I used to love that song..I still like it..the movie? Not so much..actually that was the sequel..never saw it..probably would have hated it..loved the original…originally…anyway..getting off track..oh yeah…staying alive…it’s become quite the debate in post modern ‘merica..and some may find out the hard way what it means to be…civil…like a civilian…

As a musician I’m supposedly hit hard…but the business end always they are inviting bands to rent clubs and rehearse…hello? I already have a space…but I don’t go in it..I can’t do it…I can’t even think about facing a mic…but my live stream at home is a blast..I call the shots,,,play short, whatever I want..more people see it and I’ve raised almost $300 for a cause….two causes…yeah, no…I can wait…check back in Nov..I’ll give you a clear answer…if I’m still alive..



A friend of mine just called him a modern miracle…totally true…after all, Ringo was the sick one as a child…some kinda nasty TB like shit that kept him in the hospital for years…literally years I think…and then he partied so much he had to have part of his guts removed before he hit 40 and then rehab cause he was a total drunk the whole time…and in some kind of magic beatle reverse…he turns 80 today and looks like a better 40 than when he was 40…good on yer mate!

Sigh,….I was originally gonna call this one Whole Lotta Food and rag on Jeff Bezos and what used to be a health food store and now they don’t even think Black Lives Matter…nor do they think much of their employees…and their food sucks…I used to practically live there 10 years ago now I won’t even go…and then I was gonna rant about the virus and how stupid we are as a country…truly HORRIFYING!!!!!…but it feels better to celebrate Ringo.


“The American Dream”

One of my favorite songwriters died this week. Emitt Rhodes passed in his sleep at the age of 70, fifty years after that wunderkind record of his that all the paisley underground kids dig…myself among them!! But the year before that he did a series of songs that came out under the title The American Dream…how fitting that the creator of The American Dream died this week…America is getting the shit beat out of her..but not dead yet…fighting back..the leafblowers of America are blowing the leaves of leave us alone…ok, that was is what’s happening…what to do? I’m ready to start calling senators and we can’t wait until NOv…but the hippie in me says wait a minute…even though we don’t have a minute…but we are not alone…and my spirits have placed a mask on that shit face and leaf blowers in the hands of angry dads so moms don’t get gassed…anyway, check back here for updates…and RIP Emitt…you American dreamer you….



Remember that zombie invasion that everyone was so jacked for? Well I have met the zombie and he is me..and we….so speaking of zombies, Peter Green also died, right after I eulogized Emitt Rhodes..Peter was thought of as a zombie for some time when they drugged him to the eyeballs for being different…well…

So all these normal people these days are seeming more like brainwashed zombies to me…Peter Green was a gentle soul who knew real beauty and pain and love like a human and here we are in the midst of just complete fucking insanity…not sure how much more I can take of watching educated people deal with this insanity with straight face..mask hanging down..


And then I see smart people like my boss show up at work without a mask..

Fucking zombies…