Sundays@213 is a way to raise money for causes in need during our current health and continuing social justice crisis. Every Sunday at 2:13 I’ll perform 6 songs (the sum of 2 1 and 3) and ask for donations through Paypal and Venmo. At the end of every month I’ll donate 100% of the proceeds. Plus $213 of my own towards a chosen organization(s).

Tune in to Tim Mann Music on Facebook for a new live stream every Sunday at 2:13. I’ll play a different set each Sunday, mixing cover songs amidst my own on acoustic and electric guitar as well as my trusty ukulele. I’ll share trivia and stories about each song, and try to keep your attention for a brief time!

EPISODE #1~Sunday June 7, 2020


Silver Sun/Alice Dear, Daydream Paradise, Saville Row, Sing Me Back Home, Pocahontas, Thru The Day