Tim Mann is a singer-songwriter who performs on guitar and ukulele. Tim writes songs that come from the mellow yet moody environment that has housed the likes of George Harrison, Elliott Smith and Alex Chilton. The Tim Mann Band has been performing throughout the Boston area since 2016, playing Tim’s original music along with covers from Tom Petty, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd.

Tim’s latest record, ‘Silver Sun’ tells a fractured fairy tale of a queen named Alice who lives in a land that is cast in the glow of a silver haze that keeps the people scared and sad..Will the real Sun shine through and keep them safe from their worries? Created in a dreamy atmosphere of guitars, strings and harmonies and brought to you from Once Upon a Time…..

Tim will be performing the album in its entirety along with songs from his last record, ‘Chasing Dreams’ with his band at The Burren Thursday October 3, 2019

“Mann wrote all the ballads and there are lush harmonies all over the place.”

“ Sorta like the youthful optimism of John Denver meets the storytelling soul and delivery of Donovan. Great stuff. Check it out.” (A.J. Wachtel)

Tim Mann Music