Review of ‘Chasing Dreams’~The Noise

Promotional Recue

Saved by the press! Well, not really, but just in time for my solo CD release show at Stubblebine Lutherie this Sat 2/6, my CD ‘Chasing Dreams’ got a glowing review in The Noise! check it out here:


Chasing Dreams

11 tracks

The acoustic folk/ rock sound on this release is unique, interesting, and very good. Check out the artists and their instruments in the credits: Greg Allison – acoustic guitar/baritone uke, Greg Hawkes (The Cars/ The Greg Hawkes Ukulele Trio) – uke, Zachariah Hickman – bass/euphonium, Lawrence Scudder – viola, Craig Robertson – harmonies and Tim Mann on all other instruments and vocals. Mann also plays the ukulele with Hawkes in Greg’s own string uke trio. Very interesting reading on the cover. Even more interesting listening to the disc. Mann wrote all the ballads and there are lush harmonies all over the place. Listen to “In My Arms,” “Days Go By,” and “The Maybe Song” to hear the angels sing. I also like the more rocking “You Can’t Go Home Again,” the mellow “Longing” with the soulful viola, and the cool uke/viola playing on “Another Moment.” Sorta like the youthful optimism of John Denver meets the storytelling soul and delivery of Donovan. Great stuff. Check it out.  (A.J. Wachtel)

And below is the show info..hope to see you there!